The Ultimate Article About Mens Beaded Bracelets You’ll Ever Read

Bead weaving is a popular form of needlework. Occupation is fascinating and does not require large material costs. Many girls create bracelets not only for themselves, but also for sale. Beadwork is a laborious craft, it requires attention and perseverance. But creative men’s beaded bracelets made by hand will always be noticed by others.

Beads and weaving principles

For a start, let’s figure out what the beads are? Beads are small beads slightly flattened at the hole. The diameter is different, but mostly up to 5 mm. Beads can be elongated, such a material is called glass bead. Bugle varying in diameter, found up to 9 mm. Color, shade, the surface of the beads and glass beads are diverse. From these signs depends on the future appearance of the bracelet.


The material looks simple and inconspicuous, but you can make amazingly beautiful jewelry from it. Often beads are used to create embroidery, panel. Skillful needlewomen create volumetric toys from it. Trees and flowers made of beads look very elegant. But the main direction in the weaving of beads is the creation of jewelry.

Many novice craftswomen are concerned about the question of how to weave a bead bracelet? Practice shows that weaving a bracelet does not differ in increased complexity. Seeing at least once made a bracelet with your own hands, you probably want to create one.

Useful tips

To get started, you need to choose a material. As a rule, there are no restrictions on the choice of beads. For future decoration, you can give preference to both small material and large. If you like beads of irregular shape, you can safely make weaving out of it. The final choice is only for the masters. For weaving a bracelet, not only beads are used, but also bugles, chopping. These are decorative elements that represent various sticks.

Experienced needlewomen prefer to make products from large beads. Often they use sequins and cabochons in jewelry. A cabochon is a semi-precious and precious stone that has been specially treated.

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Choosing a Bracelet for making

The final version of the shape of the bracelet everyone chooses. The lighter option is a thin string of beads in one row. And you can create a wide bracelet, which will consist of several rows of beads. The choice should be based only on their preferences. Weaving future jewelry is also chosen individually. It can be light openwork or solid, with different techniques. The main thing in the choice of weaving is the complexity of the twist pattern. But with perseverance, any complex scheme will not be so difficult.

When interlacing a beaded bracelet, it is advisable not to use material of the same color range. Ornament with an ornament and a pattern looks effectively on a hand. Putting certain words on the bracelet will also not be difficult.

Tools for work

To make a bead bracelet, you will need the following tools:

The main material is beads: Craftswomen with experience recommend buying new beads for each created product. In this case, it is easy to calculate how much material is needed, what color. Thus, the number of beads will be as much as necessary for work. But for novice needlewomen to take the material must still be with a margin.

Necessary for work and fishing line: The line is purchased with a minimum thickness. Some schemes propose to use a thread that is characterized by increased strength. But keep in mind that over time, the thread can wear out and tear. The result is the bracelet will collapse. If a thread is used in the work, then in this case a thin and short needle will be required.

Capacity for beads: To get the beads out of the bag is uncomfortable and long. Therefore, it is necessary to determine in advance where they will be in the process of work. A simple, homemade option is the usual plastic cover. In the shops you can buy special containers for storing beads.

To complete the creation of the bracelet will need a special lock. You can easily buy it in special stores. But many needlewomen make it themselves. The last equally important tool is scissors. In the process of work, you will always have to cut something, cut it, and it is they who will come to the rescue. The process of making jewelry from beads is long, so there should be a lot of free time. Patience and perseverance also allow you to quickly and accurately make jewelry.

Bead Bracelets for Beginners

In order to create openwork, patterned, multi-colored and three-dimensional jewelry, it is necessary to learn how to make simple models. Creating simple bead bracelets will allow you to fill your hand. And only after that you can easily start creating more complex and unique products.

Bracelet flower

Make this bracelet is very simple. Take the beads of two different colors. A combination of black and white will look very nice. White beads form petals, and black beads are the hearts of flowers. Therefore, we take whiter. Weaving stages:

  • At the end of the line we will form a bundle
  • We string 4 white and 1 black bead
  • Pass the needle through the first bead
  • Further, we collect 2 white and through the fourth skip the line with a needle
  • We draw a fishing line, forming a flower

We continue these manipulations to the end. Ready bracelet is fastened with the help of a lock or simply we connect the ends of the fishing line.

What to wear

Beaded bracelet is almost universal. Each should have in the arsenal a white or black bracelet of their favorite thickness. It will be appropriate for study, at work, in everyday life, even at evening events. How should the bracelet sit? Pay attention to how comfortable you are. Wear a bracelet that will not fly off your hand, will not interfere. Baubles are worn adjacent to the arm, and bulky bracelets are worn with a small margin.

A voluminous, not too thick bracelet will be appropriate at work. It is better to choose colors neutral like white, gray, black, dark blue, pastel. It is better to choose under outerwear. Bulk jewelry looks good with slightly flared skirts.