What Is A Good Design?

Good design is not just what looks good. It also needs to perform, convert, astonish, and fulfill its purpose. It can be innovative or it might just get the job done.

A good design cannot be measured by a finite way – multiple perspectives are needed.

What Is An Innovative Design?

Innovative design can both be a break-through product or service, and a redesign of an existing product or service. A break-through product adds a before unseen value and function to the market and the user, while a redesign improves an existing product.

Innovative design always develops in tandem with innovative technology, and can never be an end in itself.

I really don’t have an inspiration for making designs. What should I do?

1. Travel

Tip: Scout for last-minute flight deals and head to a city you’ve never heard of or planned on visiting for a weekend. Ask locals for restaurant recommendations, take long walks, and keep your headphones in your pocket while you focus on these new surroundings.

2. Take walks

Tip: Think about how you can start incorporating mindful walks throughout your creative process. Force yourself to take regular stretching and movement breaks, especially on stressful days.

3. Hit up antique stores and estate sales—or Etsy

Tip: Come with a project or theme in mind. When you’re open to inspiration for a specific idea, you’ll find your mind making all kinds of connections.

4. Chat up family, friends, and coworkers

Tip: Don’t have pals in your industry? Make some. Find networking events in your neighborhood on Meetup or Dribbble, or go to (cooler, objectively more fun) creative talks like Creative Mornings or Think&Drink. Also, don’t forget that it’s 2019 and friends don’t have to hang IRL—industry Slack groups are great ways to make connections from your couch.

5. Motionographers

Tip: Even if you’re not a motion designer, take advantage of resources like Motionographer to show you what other designers are working on. An inspiring project is an inspiring project, after all—the medium isn’t what’s most important.

6. Pinterest

Tip: Build Pinterest into your research phase. Search for key words and ideas from your project and see what the world brings you.

7. Instagram

Tip: Don’t just follow designers—follow authors, meme accounts, bakers, and anyone else who’s constantly updating with their work. Take inspiration not just for your projects, but for your work as a whole—for who you want to be and what you want to be working on.

I’m a newly-hired Graphic Designer of a certain famous magazine. Any tips you could recommend me to make it cool?

I have 10 tips for you. Here they are:

  1. Don’t Be Shy With Your Cover Designs
  2. A Single Pop of Color Shouts the Loudest!
  3. Spend Time Perfecting Your Contents Page
  4. Illustrated Graphics Make Magazines Unique
  5. Give a Digital Look to Print Layouts With Infographics
  6. Go Minimal for Fashion Magazines
  7. Serifs Look Aspirational; Sans Serifs Look Cool
  8. Make Beautiful Photos the Main Focus
  9. Create a Style Theme and Stick to It!
  10. Think in Spreads, not Pages