‘Charmed Bracelets’ – Wear Your Story on Your Wrist

Charm bracelets can actually tell you a lot about the people who wear them. Some prefer kitschy miniature versions of the Eiffel Tower, and others go for hearts and stars. But, one main thing in common is that you get to show your story to the others. Tracey Zabar, a jewelry designer, actually wrote a book exploring the enduring popularity of bracelets.

And, believe it or not, charm bracelets have been around since the ancient times. In fact, humans would carry talismans as charms to repel evil or bring good luck. And those are the origins her book “Charmed Bracelets” speaks of. This book will tell you about the heights of the popularity charms had in the fifties, the fallout it went through during the women’s movement, and lastly, it will take you through their revival we can see going on right now.

In her book, she explains exactly why these charms are so appealing. In fact, she goes into detail describing the innate beauty these charms bear. Just think about it, there are so many things about them for you to like. They jingle while you walk, they sparkle, they are pretty, and, people simply love coming in close and examining each little charm dangling from the bracelet.

But, the most incredible feature these bracelets have is their power to tell a story. Each and every charm can store your fondest memories. You can cover your bracelet in numerous little figures and souvenirs. You can get a matching charm for every big occasion. So, feel free to collect them and store them on your bracelet for years to come.

Truly, to wear a charm bracelet is to wear your story on your sleeve. And, while the most important piece of jewelry most women have is their wedding ring, charm bracelets take close second place. These bracelets are also excellent conversation pieces. In fact, it is not rare for women to talk to you about their own bracelets upon seeing yours.

After all, jewelry is one of the methods women advertise their status, their power, and social position. Jewelry offers you a way to flaunt, bedazzle, seduce, or woo. And, for all they are, charm bracelets are an incredible feminine autobiography around your wrist. They can express who you are in a subtle way.

You can customize your charm bracelet any way you want. You can use charms that are for travelers. There are also charms that are feminine, whimsical, funny, or even glamorous. They simply demand the attention of others and turn eyes wherever you are. In fact, when it comes to Tracey Zabar, it is that attention that convinced her to start creating her own bracelets. She would walk around in the middle of New York, and women would approach her to talk about her bracelet. And, not long after, she had many of them asking her to create bracelets for them too. She found out that there is an emotional goldmine she could start using to open her own store.

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